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Even in hot conditions, the Durawhite Pro+ Ex Split AC is built to function superbly. It guarantees effective cooling even when the outside temperature soars thanks to its High Ambient Working capabilities. The Hydro Blue Coating ensures cleaner and healthier air quality by preventing the formation of mould and bacteria. It contributes to a clean living environment by adding an additional layer of protection.

With the Auto Swing function, the air conditioner automatically oscillates the louvres, dispersing cool air uniformly across the space. This guarantees reliable and effective cooling, making the environment cosy for all. Condensed water is effectively removed by the Double Drain system, which also ensures hassle-free operation by stopping leaks.

Durawhite Pro+Dx 1.5 Ton

₹63,690.00 Regular Price
₹37,990.00Sale Price

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